Research is what separates flashy concepts from desirable and usable features

January 06, 2021 • 1 min read

So here’s how to transform your survey, usability tests or heatmaps, into product requirements:

  1. Identify the issues and the metrics behind. Clicks and views are not meaningful analytics
  2. Brainstorm with your team on solutions about the research insights
  3. Prioritize in a list, what should be done first. Consider:
  4. Technical feasibility. Is it doable with your current technology and team skills?
  5. Business/Project budget. Is that affordable with your resources?
  6. Production time. How long does it take to be released?
  7. Impact for the user. Is this the most painful problem the user has?

At last, take the top items and transform them into user stories and wireframes. This will auto-generate your first product requirements document (PRD).

Here’s a free template to refine your document:

Product Requirements Document Template —

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